Nokubambisana = Cooperation = Working together. Something that the current elected leaders of South Africa and most of their officials know nothing about. Why? Because they are selfish. They are self-centered. They are greedy. They have no heart. They have no human compassion. They only think of themselves. They want most of everything for themselves and they are prepared to let you, the people, just have the bare minimum so you do not die and that you live long enough to vote them into office again and again.

But do they care to stimulate the economy to create jobs? No. Only to try get votes. And everything they put their hand to to so-called create jobs is a disaster! A complete disaster! For example, look at their so-called tax-saving mechanism for companies to encourage them to take on more employees. A total failure! A total ridiculous abject failure!!! They should be ashamed of themselves. That system is so overloaded with rules and regulations that the average business could not be bothered with it! So afraid is the government, so greedy and begrudging are the political elite that the small business man might God-forbid score a few Rands for employing more people that they literally strangled the life out of a possibly-good system for increasing jobs! That’s what you get when you put amateurs, inexperienced foolhardy amateurs into positions of policy-making – you get useless expensive systems that absolutely do not work – liker most of the other so-called efforts of government to do anything else -ineffective – ineffectual. Ayizwakali! Nampumelelo!

Bottomline is the current government is patently useless, defunct, past their use-by date, they are expired, non-relevant, head-in-the-cloud goons (iziwula) who have absolutely no idea how to run a country.

South Africa should be run like a business as we suggested 10 years ago in our then new policy document, and what happened, Trump got in to show us how to do that, and that it can be done. So now we are looking for capable selfless business-oriented people,  not politicians (Trump was not a politician before he became president) who can stand up and fight for the PEOPLE of this country. Not tenderpreneurs like Malema, Zuma and the others. Asifuni ukuba ibalalele! Singazi ukubethemba! Asifuni kubo! Sifuna abanye! Sifuna abantu abahle ukuba usihole! Sifuna umholi omuhle ukuze usiqondise!

Sikucela intuthuko, imisebenzi, ukudla, izindlu, imfundo, ukuzijabulisa, bethandana. Yilokho kuphela! Wukuthi kakhulu ukubuza? Mhlawumbe kukhona umuntu kungasiholela kahle njengezwe. Sifuna kuye. Owesilisa noma owesifazane. Akunandaba!

Thina kakhulu ngokudayisa ezama ukuthola imali eyanele ukuze baphile futhi banakekele imikhaya yethu. Ngakho sidinga umholi onolwazi esingamethemba esinakekela.

Nkosi ngenhla, sikhulekela ukuthi angasinika onjalo.

Ingabe esinjengalesi?

Noma uthanda?

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